Friday, April 1, 2011

I am sorry if I have fallen a bit behind. Last week I was planning... and cleaning for my younger son and daughter's first birthday party together. I decided not to schedule any photo shoots that week and fully enjoy my time with them. Mostly guilt free with no staying up late to edit. Other than Kaia eating the frosting off of the back of the cake and not getting the balloons blown up in time... oh yeah and the rain... the party went off without a hitch! I am a little sad that my baby turned one and has already been walking for a couple of weeks now. It went way TOO FAST! Kaia is already starting preschool this fall. I wanted to homeschool them but do not think I have the time... and besides she cannot wait to go. :) Here are some pictures my husband took of the party so that I could actually open presents with them and help with the cake etc. Hope you have had a wonderful week! I am playing catch up now but hope to be caught up soon. Thank you everyone for your patience. :) Happy Friday!