Saturday, September 10, 2011

The girl started pre-school on Friday... I told her to quit growing up so fast but she won't listen! :)

I got her backpack from Pottery Barn kids when she was 18 months old... she wanted to stay with her brother even back then when I dropped him off at pre-school. She would go and want to hang up her backpack and I would have to carry her out crying almost every time. She has been waiting 2 long years to go and now the time is finally here... and she LOVES it.
Her super excited smile. :)
My goal is to take pictures like this every year on the first day of school. If I were to do it again I would probably make the words a lot bigger but you get the idea. I got the idea here.

I took a few close-ups so you could read it...
And a few full body shots so you could see her cute new boots. I got them at for $19.99. They have so many cute boots this season & I noticed they got a bunch more styles in since I ordered these.
I hope everybody is having a great weekend and enjoying this beautiful weather!!