Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kaia and Kien's Birthday pictures...

My cousin's wedding in Minnesota was the day before Kaia & Kien's shared birthday. So since I didn't want to be stuck in a car the whole day and not be able to celebrate it, we decided to go to Minneapolis and stay a few days to celebrate. I kick myself so hard now for not forcing myself to use my big camera everywhere we went but having 3 kids to chase around it isn't the most practical thing to do. So I have camera phone memories of it. Oh well. Next year if we go somewhere I am going to use my camera. No. Matter. What. :)
Anyway I felt guilty about not having any pictures to remember their birthday by so I took them out to the arboretum to take some pictures. I originally had balloons for Kien as well, but while I was taking some test shots I hear Kien saying, "All gone!" I looked over and sure enough the balloons that I had tied around his wrist were floating high up in the sky never to be seen again. So while I got some great pictures of Kaia, (she was in a great mood because she still had her balloons) Kien was kind of sad during the whole shoot. I have a feeling I will be taking him out again sometime by himself to try again. :)
So stay tuned for those... meanwhile here are my favorites from their birthday session.